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Our travel tips | Historical City centerBed & Breakfast • Siena

It is easy to visit the HISTORICAL CITY CENTRE of Siena on foot. The places of interest are numerous, the most famous of which are PIAZZA DEL CAMPO, where the historical horse race, the PALIO, takes place, the magnificent Cathedral with its Crypt, and the Baptistery.
But Siena is full of particular nooks and special places off the classical tourist routes. One could go on a tour of the old water fountains or fonts (FONTI), the big and impressive structures where the women of Siena used to go to wash the laundry; or along the small streets and alleys, the churches and chapels (among which are the church of SAN FRANCESCO, the basilica of SAN DOMENICO, the BASILICA DEI SERVI...), the museums (among which are the Town Hall museum, the old hospital SANTA MARIA DELLA SCALA , the National Picture Gallery PINACOTECA NAZIONALE , the museum of the OPERA DEL DUOMO and the house of SANTA CATERINA...)


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